Save Your Money: recondition your old batteries

1 min readApr 19, 2021

If you don’t recondition your old batteries, you’re wasting hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars every year on battery costs!

But the good news is…

Battery reconditioning is actually shockingly simple to do!

Even if you know nothing about batteries and have NO D.I.Y skills, you can easily do this!

And once you learn this, you’ll no longer throw away hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars each year on new, overpriced batteries.

And you can bring all kinds of old batteries back to life again…

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You can recondition everything from old car batteries…

To nearly every type of lead-acid battery, like deep cycle, solar, marine, golf cart, wheelchair, scooter, and forklift batteries.

You can also recondition other types of batteries too like power tool batteries.

So if your expensive car battery or rechargeable drill battery is getting old, you can recondition these instead of going out and buying a new overpriced battery.

And yes, there are even simple methods you can use to boost and extend your old laptop, cell phone, AA, AAA, D, and C batteries!

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